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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:36 pm


Age: 15 - 120
Gender: What does your character identify as.
Clan: What clan does he/she belongs too?

Village/Loyalty: What village does he/she belong to, and where do their loyalties lie? While a character might belong to a village their loyalties don't have to lie with the kage. They can lie with an organization, clan, an individual, or themselves.
Elements: Primary starts at [C-Rank] and Secondary starts at [D-Rank]
Specialization: Same as above.


Height: Self-explantory.
Weight: Self-explantory.
Hair Color: Self-explantory.
Eye Color: Self-explantory.
General Description: Self-explantory.
Chakra Description: Chakra is like a fingerprint, everyone's is different. Tell us what your character's chakra feels like when released? What color is it? Does it cause any damage to the surrounding? If so, how? This is mainly for cosmetics.

[Who are you?]

Personality: 200 word minimum
Goals and Achievements: This is where your character's goals for the future is stated. Don't be unrealistic with your goals for the world is uncertain.Make these goals reasonable. For they will be taking into consideration during rank-up. This is also where you record your characters achievements.Where you a prodigy? Did you once hold another rank(only applies to chuunin and up)? Did you kill someone worth noting? Did you accomplish your goal(s)? As you rank up, this section will constantly be updated.

[Your Legacy Begins...]

Origins: The history of your character. Minimum of 500 words.
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Character Template
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